12 th Independence Day Festival

Books for Brazil participated at the 12 th Independence Day Festival in Boston. We raised $81 from individual donations and made new contacts with the community.

Special thanks to the following volunteers: Rosana, Silvia, Mariana, Julie, David, Brigitte and Leo.

Opening of the 12th Festival
Brigitte at the BFB table. Thanks!
Everybody joins the band dancing around the park
Bloco Band and Bumba meu boi.
Traditional music and dance
Silvia and Rosana helping out with the BFB table. Thanks!
Capoeira fighters demonstrating in the festival. It is a martial art mixed with music, created by the slaves to disguise combat techniques, allowing them to practice while captives.
The musicians are playing and singing in the background. The music dictates the pace of the fight.
It can be very dangerous as one hit can knock a person out, but it is one of the most graceful martial arts too.