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Books Distribution

Books Delivery
February 2005

We are pleased to inform that Books for Brazil has delivered a total of 228 books:

Helping Public Libraries Program - 165 books
Books were donated to the 3 libraries visited May/2004. Biblioteca Publica Municipal Cecilia Meireles, Biblioteca Municipal Dias Gomes, Biblioteca Municipal Castro Alves - Maua - SP

We spoke to the librarians and other employees in the library. They were very happy with the donation. They said that they usually receive very old books and most of the time cannot re-use in the library.

As a consequence of the donation, the library is developing a children's room where some books will be at the reach of the children. This is not common there.

image1   image2
Ana Maria Teixeira   Cesar Figueiredo, library director


Marcus Nogueira, receiving the books   Simone Gimenez, librarian


Public Facilities Program - 63 Books
Book request was made by Elisabete Silva, social worker at the Public Hospital CentrodeSa˙de Escola. We provided them with books and used toys. They were very excited with our help.

Elisabete Silva wants to create a mini library where the children waiting to see the doctor could play with books and toys. It is not common for the public hospital in Brazil to provide any kind of entertainment for patients in the waiting room.

image5   image6
Hospital front door  
Regina Oliveira, receiving books and toys




Thanks to all the donors and volunteers for making these deliveries possible.

Elisabete Silva, receiving the books    
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